CD Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic Cycles

Cycles are a part of our human existence, Many rhythms and routines flow in the universe, from the shifting of the planets to the seasonal cycles of the earth, the ebb and flow of the tides, and our innate human cycle of birth, growth, and death or transition to source or spirit, the All.

Cosmic Cycles is focusing on the moon and the eight phases that flow every month. Each phase lasts about 3 1/2 days, which equals 28 days in a monthly cycle. There are specific qualities, energies, and emotions that circulate within each eight moon phase. Each phase is a step in the process of completion, and each phase supports the next step, and so on to the end so that the cycle can start new again, always regenerating.

Cosmic Cycles 8 Moon Phases for Creation & Manifestation is a Sacred Sound journey through the 8 Moon phases to create and manifest your dreams into reality. Eight represents manifestation, Eight is the infinite symbol, the eight stages is the process of life unfolding and emphasizing continuity and evolution.

The key to opportune cycles is to open up and connect to your heart center. Surrender is vital, allow what you feel inside to come forth trusting completely in yourself. Wait, ask questions, listen to what comes from within, see how you relate to each of these cycles. Witness your emotions, feelings, and thoughts without judgement. As you sense what you truly desire, and allow for the shifts to come to you by surrendering completely you will be experiencing the practice of doing without doing, what is truly yours will come to you. Trust.

This Sound journey, includes sounds of the planetary gongs Jupiter and Full Moon, crystal Bowls for Anja chakra (3rd eye) and Muladhara chakra (root), Tibetan singing bowls including Vishuddha chakra (throat) and Svadhishthana chakra (sacral), Ghanta bell and Koshi chimes combined with the sounds of the ocean which were recorded on the new moon and full moon.

Cosmic Cycles

8 Moon Phases for Creation & Manifestion

1. New Moon – Rebirth

New beginnings. What do you want?

Plant new seeds, for within the shell

of the old, the New is waiting to be born.

Jupiter evoking the power to shape and

build new visions.

2. Waxing Crescent – Contemplation

Opening to the intuitive mastery of the 3rd

eye to connect deeply with your vision.

This is a time of patience and waiting,

listen to the voice of the heart.


3. First Quarter – Self-Confidence

Move with your vision. This is about

breaking away and seeking your

individuality. What can I do now to

initiate the actualization of my vision?


4. Waxing Gibbous – Steadiness

Rooted in the earth, confidence of

inner-vision, stimulates the power of

 creation. Trust the process.


5. Full Moon – Rising

Full expansion in nurturing your vision.

Energy is overflowing now.

Be mindful of your relationships, observe

all that is reflected back to you.


6. Waning Gibbous – Climax

Peak of clarity. Be, live, feel your vision,

for it is already happening.



7. Last Quarter – Release

Reorientation, transition and completion.

Accept responsibility for your actions.



8. Waning Crescent – Emptiness

Awareness of what was and what is to be.

Liberation from the past, releasing old patterns.

This is a time for dreaming now.